If you find working together and solving problems fun
then KeyHunt is right for you! KeyHunt is a fun "live escape game" in Copenhagen, designed for groups of 3-5 people. You will have exactly 60 minutes to escape a room with a special theme by solving multiple fun and exiting puzzles. But will you be able to escape the room in time?

The Game

The KeyHunt Live Escape Game will have you "locked" in a themed room filled with puzzles, mysteries, hidden doors and hidden clues. All you will need to find the solutions within the room is your common sense and the cooperation of your group. Each solution will progress you through the room. The overall goal in each room differs, but they all share a time limit of 60 minutes for completion.

KeyHunt is designed for 3-5 players and is a "live escape game". "Live escape games" are especially popular in Japan and are relatively new in Europe. You can now try the phenomenon here in Copenhagen. KeyHunt's first live escape room is the pirate themed room. Will you be able to find the treasure map before the captain awakens from his slumber? KeyHunt's second live escape room takes you deep into the forgotten tomb of an ancient mummy. Guarded herein lies a magical jewel which you must capture before the mummy awakens! In KeyHunt's third live escape room you are searching for your uncle's last will to secure your rights as heirs, before the inheritance goes to the cat!

KeyHunt is located on Vendersgade 4, 3rd floor, 1363 Copenhagen - right next to Nørreport station in central Copenhagen. Underground parking is available under Israels Plads.


You can book an escape attempt time slot in one of our live escape rooms here. Once booked, you need only show up with your team on Vendersgade 4, 3rd floor at the appointed time. Make sure you show up on time, else we cannot guarantee a full attempt of 60 minutes since the next team will be waiting to try after you.

The price is kr. 995,- for one attempt for one team in one room. An attempt lasts a maximum of 60 minutes. Your team should consist of 3-5 people.

You also have the option of purchasing a giftcard for Keyhunt. Read more here:



Who is the target audience?

Anyone can participate. Our live escape game is designed for everyone - meaning the professor and mechanic will each have their advantages. A gamemaster will always be ready to help you if your team is in need. The minimum age is 13 and up.

What about a team of only 2 people?

We recommend 3-5 people on a team. If you really want to try as only 2 people, you are of course welcome to do so. You might find many of our assignments more difficult, but still lots of fun.

What about a team of 6 people?

A limit of 5 people has been set to ensure that there is enough to do for everyone in the room, but also to ensure that there is enough physical space in the room to move about comfortably. If you can accept that the room will feel crowded with 6 people and that the overall experience might be lessened, then you are welcome to show up as a team of 6. The price will remain the same. We do still strongly recommend dividing the team into 2 teams of 3 people.

What happens if we don't finish within the time limit?

Not all teams make it through within the given time limit. If the timer runs out, the door will open and you will have failed the attempt. The experience of having tried will still be great and perhaps you will make it through the next time you try?

What if we finish in only 30 minutes?

The rooms are designed to take 45 minutes or more, but exceptional teams might make it through in less time. In this unlikely event, the attempt will be a success and you will have the honor of being placed among some of the best on our leader boards.

Does the game include elements of fear?

Our live escape games are not dangerous in any way. There are no living animals (spiders, snakes, mice, etc.), the rooms shouldn't feel claustrophobic, and the door is never really locked.What you should be expecting is logical and mechanical puzzles, mysteries and hidden keys in the room. Your only fear is that of time running out!

Alcohol? *hik*

We strongly recommend that you are not intoxicated during your visit. You will need your full attention during your escape attempt. Visibly drunk persons may risk being rejected.

What if I can't speak Danish?

You can still participate! All language-dependent parts in our escape rooms are in both Danish and English. Please inform the game master upon arrival that you would like the experience to be in English.

Are there more rooms?

Yes, we currently have three live escape games: The Pirate Ship, The Curse of the Pharaoh and The Will. You have the possibility of booking all three rooms at the same time, meaning you can be up to 15 people divided into 5 people per room.

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